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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We, NAKAGAWA SPECIAL STEEL INC. (the Company) acknowledge the importance of protection of personal information in the highly developed information-communication based society, and exert our erts for protection of such personal information pursuing the following policies.
The Company lays out the following basic policies in order to comply with applicable laws and regulations for protection of privacy and personal information din the course of its business activities.

[Acquiring of Personal Information]

The Company acquires such information in an appropriate and fair manner.

[Use of Personal Information]

The Company shall use the acquired personal information within the scope as indicated at the time of acquisition and as necessary in the course of performing the Company's business activities. In the case a need arises that the Company uses the information beyond the abovementioned scope, it shall obtain consent of the relevant person with respect to the purpose thereof, unless otherwise required and/or permitted by applicable laws and regulations.

[Provision of Personal Information to Third Party]

The Company shall not provide the personal information to any third party without prior consent from the relevant person unless otherwise required or permitted by the applicable laws and regulations. In the case the Company provides such personal information to any third party, the Company shall ensure that such information shall not be disclosed or leaked by the third party through contractual or other binding of such third party.

[Safe Administration Instruments of Personal Information]
  • /The Company shall maintain the integrity of the acquired personal information and administrate and/or control it with security measures.
  • /The Company shall apply appropriate information security measures against possible illegitimate accesses or computer virus in order to prevent loss, destruction, tampering or leak of the acquired personal information.
[Disclosure, Modiion of Personal Information]

The Company acknowledges that the person is entitled to request the Company to disclose, modify, suspend the use of and/or delete his/her personal information. The Company shall comply with such request promptly.

[Continuous Improvement of Measures for Personal Information Protection]

The company shall make efforts to continuously improve its measures for protection of personal information.